Twist and Drape Blouse

twist & drape blouse at Sew Pomona

Just a quick little post so I can spend more time with the kiddo’s today.  It’s a fine balancing act trying to fit in time for sewing, creating and blogging and take care of my two little one’s.  I’ve had a bit of extra time this week since my husband is home and we’ve been spending time at my parents which is such a refreshing break.

twist & drape blouse at Sew Pomona

For today I thought I’d share a lovely draped and reversible blouse I made out of a sheer remnant I got at Joann’s months ago and never had the right use for it since it was less than a yard.  This blouse fit the bill perfectly.  This is another pattern from Shape Shape by Natsuno Hiraiwa.  You can see my flared skirt review from the same book here.  I made this up in the large size but might grade the pattern up a bit more for a slightly looser fit  and maybe try to lower the neckline a bit.  This material was pretty tricky to work with, especially as I used the same material to make my bias trim but I love how it turned out.  I really like the way I was able to show off the fabric’s pattern from the button front view.  Really interesting pattern as it’s reversible and it has two cut bodices and one back piece that is flipped upside down on one side, really cool!  I  want to make up another in this copper colored peace silk I saw at Fabric Treasury on Etsy but it will have to wait since I have so many projects in the lineup right now.  More on those later!

twist & drape blouse at Sew Pomona

I took these photos today, lovely spring like weather here,  while the kids were playing inside with their grandparents.  This is why I love our Florida winters, I don’t know if I could handle the cold up north anymore!  

I’m wearing it here with a my favorite dip dye teal and blue maxi I got at the Oakley outlets- the color just makes me happy! Whenever I’m tired or feel the need for a pick me up I put this on, I can’t help but feel good in this color.  This is a very versatile piece since it goes with most of my current wardrobe and is great when I just want to be a bit more covered.  That’s especially true here in Florida where it can be scorching outside but you freeze once indoors as all the shops and restaurants are freezing. 

I wanted to add as a side note that this top makes a fabulous nursing top as well if you’re looking for a bit of cover while breastfeeding.  Would probably work really well as a maternity top too.  This is always a bonus when I’m making clothes!

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