Two for The Road Silver Blue Metallic Jacket

When the Holidays role around I always try to think up something interesting and beautiful I can make for my mom. This year I went with a tried and true pattern. This is my second version of the Two for the Road jacket from Saf-T-Pockets that I’ve made for my mother. Unfortunately I never took photos of her first one (on the to do list!) but she got so many compliments on that red and black floral jacket that I knew another one was in order.

Sewing for others is always a bit tricky-especially when it’s a surprise! Using a previously made pattern in a simpler shape is my go to. Luckily I keep my mom’s measurements on file and because most of my sewing friends IRL are closer to her age it’s easy to know what will work.

My mom travels quite a bit so I picked up two Saf-T-Pockets Patterns when the previous owner did a talk at our ASG group. All the hidden pockets means you don’t need a purse while traveling which is amazing. There are hidden pockets for cash and your license and the pants pattern that goes with it has a passport security pocket. My mom tends to wear these here in Florida in the Winter but they work just as well in fall in NYC (where she and my father used to live and still visit often especially since my brother is still up there.)

All the Details:

Two for The Road Jacket #9800, Saf-T-Patterns, size 3XL

Silver Blue Metallic Linen, Sewing Workshop, 2.5 yds.

This Fabric by the way, is simply stunning in person. It’s a metallic silvery blue linen that I bought from The Sewing Pattern Workshop (Linda Lee, shown above). Everyone in my ASG group is always raving about her patterns so after hearing her on the Love to Sew Podcast (my all time fav!) I checked it out.

I bought two patterns for myself- the Memphis dress will be blogged about very soon! Linda Lee’s style is very similar to my mom’s so I thought her fabric would be a great match. As soon as I saw this linen I knew it would be perfect. Not too heavy but with a nice crisp hand. Plus the wrong side is a beautiful blue-not too bright- that makes for a lovely interior.

The interior pockets on this jacket are my favorite part of this pattern. It goes together in sections so you get a beautiful clean finish. I found the perfect accent linen with a metallic grid pattern at Joann’s to make the extra pockets. I didn’t buy quite enough fabric (totally forgot how much yardage this jacket needs (3 yards-I bought 2.5) So I cut the sleeves on the cross grain and used an accent for the interior pockets.

The construction on this can be tricky but the instructions are really detailed and clear. Those two small pockets on the image (above) close with velcro so they’re nice and secure. The only part I had trouble with was the cuffs. Not sure if the placement is off or I just put them on backwards. I’ll skip them next time as they were a bit long and tight for my mom. She folds them back when she doesn’t need them so not a big deal.

My mom already told me how many complements she’s gotten on this jacket from her friends. Plus many seem to want a custom make. I may take orders! We’ll see- I find most people don’t realize how much it costs to have something custom made.

I’ll be back soon with more makes! I’ve been really indecisive on whether to keep the blog going over the past few months. But after a bit of a break I’m all in. I really love having a journal of my makes. So I’ll back soon with more. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around and followed me for the past -can you believe it- 7 years! Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Two for The Road Silver Blue Metallic Jacket”

  1. Congratulations on seven years, and I hope you stick around for many more!
    I don’t comment much, but I read every word. I especially like your in-detail pattern assessment, which is why I (and an apparently too silent audience) LOVE BLOGS!!! (Instagram is great for pretty pics but it has little sewist info.)
    Your mom looks great (& happy) in her new jacket, and the pocket info is awesome. I’ve often thought about interior pockets in garments. And wondered… hmmm……..

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I know I’m just as bad about reading blogs and not commenting myself. I agree, I prefer seeing details on makes that you just don’t get on Instagram. Pockets really are the best. I need to do more for myself.

  2. Lovely work, Rebecca. TY 4 sharing this! I don’t think I’ve seen reviews of Safe-T pockets patterns before.

    1. Thanks Caroline! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a review either. It’s always so great finding new (to me) designers.

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