Two Tone Ocean Blue Bikini

Summer is slowly drawing to a close and I’m so excited to share my newest swimwear make, this perfectly fitted two tone ocean blue bikini! I’ve gotten quite a bit better over the last few years at making swimwear and this suit utilizes all the newer techniques I’ve learned.

The most helpful bits I learned from Beverly Johnson’s Craftsy Class-Sewing Swimsuits, The Supportive One Piece.  It is a wonderful course!  Lots of great techniques for basic construction as well as thorough instructions to add either cups or a full bra to the suit.  I love being able to make my suits fit to a T and having the added support has made this my new favorite swimsuit.

All the Details

Fabric– both fabrics from the Fabric Fairy

Patterns– Modified McCalls’ 5400 Bikini Top and Watson Bikini Bottoms with added band detail.

The Bikini was modified from a halter back to a bikini with cross back straps.  I really love the fit of my first version which is still unblogged- I never did get pics taken and it’s been worn constantly!  Its lightly gathered under the bust and offers full coverage. I used the technique from the Craftsy class by Beverly Johnson to insert cups into my lining.  The fit is perfect and so supportive.

I used my favorite technique to construct my straps-serging a strip of wide fabric to one side of the elastic, turning the strap over and then coverstitching the remainder down.  Then you just cut away the excess. Easy and quick.

The bikini bottom is my previously altered version of Cloth Habits Watson Bikini.  I love the fit of this pattern and just added extra height to the underwear pattern.  For this make I inserted a contrast band that twisted as I inserted it.  I increased the effect since I like the extra detail it adds.

It’s been a very busy end of summer here! We got a new resue dog Suki in July and the kids started at their new school last week. Plus I’ve been really busy with my new job retouching photos for my sister’s business.  Getting up early again has been a bit tricky.  I have to get the kids fed/packed/changed  and walk/feed Suki before getting the kids to their bus stop by 7:15.  At least I’m getting alot more walking in! I love that I can work from home, and while my work schedule  tends to be a bit erratic it’s really fun. 

Trying to find a bit more time to sew and share my makes.  Hopefully things will normalize now that I have a bit more time to myself.  Hope you all had an amazing summer! 

Happy Sewing!

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