Upside-Down Bolero Jacket Refashion

I made this cute little jacket and took pics late last year and then promptly forgot about them. Hence the longer hair. I can always date makes by my hair length!

This is the Upside-Down Bolero Jacket from Shape Shape 2 that I refashioned from a goodwill dress. I made this for my ASG talk/trunk show a few months ago on Japanese patterns. You can see my other make for the talk here. 

I loved the fabric on the original dress but it was a bit dowdy with the dropped gathered waist. But it had just enough fabric to make this jacket and looks just as nice on the reverse side. I did have to piece together the panels-simply serged too make one large piece of fabric prior to cutting out. I also used some brightly colored selvedge edge strips to finish all the edges and the neckline and hems.

The jacket itself is cut on the fold as one big piece and then sewn together up the arms. Super easy sew but such and easy elegant look. This is a perfect little Florida coverup. I always need a jacket for restaurants as the AC is always crazy cold indoors here. This packs up small and keeps you just warm enough.

All the Details:


refashioned goodwill dress


Upside Down Bolero Jacket

Shape Shape 2, Natsuno Hiraiwa

I’m wearing this jacket with a RTW top and my Royal Blue Linen Button Detail Culottes. I wore this exact combo this past weekend for my birthday. I turned 43! I had a fab bday weekend. My parents came over to celebrate with us and I got the cutest glittery over the top bday cards (our family ritual). My mom’s gift-shopping together for patio furniture for our new home! It arrives tomorrow and I’m psyched! Vic got me sewing goodies- a Shirtmaking Workbook and a Threads Design Your own Wardrobe Video. Both awesome!

I’m feeling great about aging. I had to go renew my license and get a new pic taken. My new ID pic looks so good. I look better than I did 15 years ago!

Back soon with more makes. I took a ton of pics the other day so I finally feel like I’m getting back on track with my blogging. Right now I’m working on matchy matchy Valentines Day outfits for Ami and I. I finished a bunch of Ruska tee variations from Breaking the Pattern and a new tunic dress shirt plus a bunch of mending. Happy Sewing!

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  1. Really cute! I never would have pictured making that jacket from the dress, but it transformed the fabric completely!

    1. Thank you Chitra! Just an FYI, I edited your comment to remove the link since it seemed a bit spammy. I allow links if they truly relate to the topic/share info from other blogs etc. Hope you understand.

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