V9312 Refashioned Orange + White Stripe Dress

V9312 Refashioned Orange + White Stripe Dress

It’s taken a bit longer than usual but I finally got pictures taken of some recent makes! This Refashioned dress is one of my most worn make of the summer. A simple sew using Very Easy Vogue Pattern V9132. I really need more bold prints like this!

I got a wonderful selection of material to work with at goodwill at the beginning of summer. The dress itself is soft and silky and I adore the fun + bold orange and white stripe.  The original dress fit well but I just don’t like the look of a floor length maxi.  I thought about just shortening it and then I got this pattern in the mail and it was Kismet.

This is a great easy to sew pattern.  Nice clean lines with a pretty tie front.  It’s also not super low-cut so much more wearable for me.  I really like the addition of the elastic under the bust/tie front which adds a bit more support and keeps the dress bit more stable in this longer length.

Since I was working with limited material I needed to alter the pattern slightly.  I cut the skirts first being carefully to keep my stripes matching. Next I made my bodices with a seam over the bust in an alternating direction with some very creative cutting. The bodice fronts are lined in a cream knit I had in my remnant stash and seamed one of the ties out of smaller sections.  Before cutting my fabric I had removed all the bindings on the original dress and re-applied them to the back bodice.

Next time I’ll make a few small changes-mainly making a full lining for front and back bodices.  I’d also like to add a built in soft cup bra so I don’t need to worry about straps showing.  I just finished a bikini using  Beverly Johnson’s class on Craftsy  which was so helpful and plan on using some of the same techniques.

All the details:


refashioned dress from Goodwill


I’m starting to learn the best spots to take pictures in our new home.  Because it’s summer the light is so strong it’s always a bit trickier.  Our little garden is really starting to take shape now and is making a lovely backdrop.  Plus my father-in-law gifted us some gorgeous orchids on his last visit which really brighten the place up!

And I’m also showing off the newest addition to our family-meet Suki!  An adorable daschund/chihuahua mix, about 5 yrs old, that we adopted from the Humane Society of Broward County.  Suki is a rescue from Puerto Rico and the sweetest, cuddliest little girl. She’s still recovering from her spaying and some surgery on her neck but she’s a bundle of energy. Back soon with another summer make. Happy Summer!


  1. Great refashion! I love orange and white in the summer!
    We have a Chi-weenie (chihuahua/dachshund) too. His name is Charlie and he’s a rescue as well. I can see Charlie and Suki have the same general body shape but Charlie is black/tan, more like doberman coloring. He’s so funny and is always making us smile. Thanks for rescuing Suki!

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