Vintage Bluebird Butterick Robe 5152

I’m swanning around the house during Stay at Home orders in style! This kitschy print isn’t my usual style but it’s perfect for some vintage pajamas. I’ve had this 1948 re-issue pattern in my stash for years but it requires so much yardage (just under 4 yds.) that I never made it until now. What better time to make a house-gown then when you’re stuck at home!

This was a relatively easy sew, though I’ll make a few changes next time around. I love the yoke front with the gathers but it was a bit fiddly to sew. Maybe cutting doubles of the front would work better than the using the lining pieces in the pattern? It’s a gorgeous robe- more gown than anything else. I feel so elegant wearing this around the house!

You do need the shoulder pads to give it this silhouette. I may alter the pattern a bit with my bodice sloper if I want to have a more natural shape next go around. But with this print I wanted to keep it very 40’s. The front bodice blouses out a bit at the waist which is really pretty.

My robe closes with two hook and eyes. A smaller one on the interior with a handmade loop and a large one on the exterior to keep it secure. The hem was a perfect length for me, I did a simple fold-over hem on the base and sides. I also added a bias trim to the waistband to enclose my raw seam at the waist since this is unlined. It makes it a bit more defined at the waist. I think the long sleeve version in a sheer fabric would be gorgeous!

I very carefully cut this pattern out. With only 3 yards to work with I had to utilize every last bit! I used an old dress shirt for the interior yoke lining and another floral print for my bias interior binding. I had to piece my belt in the center back and use a fold-over hem.

All the details


Retro Butterick ’48, B5152, Size 12 (no alterations)


Loose fitting, unlined, evening length, wrap robe has yoke, gathered bodice, shoulder pads, hook and eye closure, separate belt.


Blue Bird Printed Organic Cotton Shirting, Mood Fabrics (offered in two color-ways)

“The early bird may catch the worm, but the only thing you’ll want to catch is a sight of this lively Blue Bird Printed Cotton Shirting! Birds of all shapes and sizes are carefully sketched and saturated with color in this dapper cotton shirting. Thin and lightweight, it comes with a cool, very finely textured hand and a supple drape. It is a fantastic choice for playful button-downs, A-line tanks, shirt dresses, and other additions to your warm-weather wardrobe. Translucent, a lining is suggested for added opacity. This eco-friendly product is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.”

Mood Fabrics

On the home-front it’s the start of Me Made May! I’m so happy it’s happening again this year. Thanks so much to Zoe for hosting! It’s helping to give this month a sense of normalcy…this is my 7th year participating. Plus it’s helping me get out of my lazy yoga pants dressing at home. Taking photos of my makes each day is really helping me dress up a bit more even if there is nowhere to go. I do tend to wear handmade every day but the fun of MMM to me is mixing and matching what I’m wearing. You can follow me on Instagram to see what I’m wearing. I’ll do a round-up here on the blog later in the month.

We’re slowly settling in to our at home routine. The kids are getting better at getting school done as painlessly as possible. They’re trying to do a bit more assignments done early in the week so they can take it easy on Fridays.

We had a lovely weekend. Spring cleaning was in full force and my home feels so much nicer now. Being home all the time with very little down time for me meant housework was on the back burner. I feel much more productive when I know the house is organized. We made a fancy meal Sunday just for fun of Grilled Duck, Venetian Cauliflower (NYTimes recipes) and a wonderful fresh strawberry trifle. Ami and I also had a pretend beach day. We dressed up in bikinis and set out our beach towels on the porch with her sound machine set to ocean waves. It was surprisingly refreshing to just lay out and do nothing and just enjoy the weather.

Are you participating in MMM? Leave a link in the comments if you are. I love finding new people to follow this time of year! Happy Sewing!

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  1. We just watched “All About Eve” last night and this would fit in perfectly! The print is charming! For swanning around— just right!

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