Vintage Issey Miyake V2332 Skirt and Madalynne for Simplicity 8435 Bodysuit

My Fall/ Winter Wardrobe is really starting to shape up. This is the first year I have a great selection of pieces that mix and match together. I’ve felt so stylish wearing my handmade makes the past few weeks. We’ve finally gotten a bit of cooler weather with some lovely ocean breezes. Hardly have to have the AC on at all!

A few months ago my friend Judy from ASG gifted me this vintage pattern. I just love the designer Vogue patterns, and the vintage one’s have such interesting shapes and construction details. This skirt pattern is cut as one large piece so I searched my stash to see what would work and this cut of performance fabric was just about perfect. I did have to remove some length(6″) from the hem-this is a surprisingly long skirt as drafted- but I think this length works perfectly for me.

“With imagination and personal creativity, people who sew can design the way they look to suit themselves”

Issey Miyake

The pattern of course is one size,12 (34/26.5/36- I should be a 14) but the hip was shown as 47 1/4″ so I decided to just go for it and alter the waist if needed. Luckily the pleats are very forgiving. I added the closures to the skirt based on my waist size and it works fine- though it’s most likely meant to overlap a bit more. This pattern also features a really cool looking 80’s blouse that I want to try and pants with a shoulder detail that I will never make.

The shape of this skirt is really interesting. The back actually extends down in a V but is attached to a stay that is sewn to the back waist. Essentially folding that fabric up. I couldn’t for the life of me understand the welt pocket construction as shown in the instructions. I finally just went with the technique I usually use (Janet Pray’s method) and just winged it. No one but me will notice that one of my welts is backwards. Working on the skirt as one flat piece got me turned around. Whatevs -the pockets still work.

This is what I wore to our ASG Annual Luncheon a few weeks back. I’ll always think of Judy (who recently passed) -so vibrant and full of life- every time I put this skirt on. Thanks Judy!

All the Details:


V2322 Individualist Issey Miyake-gifted by Judy
Simplicity 8435 Madalynne


PALISADE™ Durable Stretch Woven with DWR in Dark Blue, Rockywoods Fabric

Nylon Elastene Stretch Woven Rockywoods Fabric
Modal Rib Knit Bisque Blackbird Fabrics

Light Weight Modal Rib Knit – Bisque – 1/2 meter, Blackbird Fabrics

Ribbed modal knit fabric. This fabric is a dream to wear – it’s opaque, stretchy and has good recovery. The modal content makes this fabric extremely soft and comfortable with a luxurious feel and drape. Modal is mainly derived from renewable Beechwood Trees sourced from sustainable forests. Content: 90% Modal / 10% Spandex, Width: 127cm / 50″, Weight: 224gsm. *please note lighter colours are semi-opaque

Blackbird Fabrics

Construction Detail:

I’m wearing the skirt with my new favorite knit, this ribbed modal in a light blush. It has the prettiest sheen to it and is a lovely weight. I used Madalynne’s bodysuit pattern omitting the front closures which aren’t necessary, just decorative. I made mine in the medium and found this pattern pretty true to size. I’m on the smaller end of the M and only took in the sides a tiny bit. I also added a cuff to the pattern. I had just enough fabric to make the sleeve 3/4 length but wanted long sleeves for fall. I was inspired by my favorite shirt from Italy that I bought in college (crazy raver days) that had an awesome ribbed cuff and went with that.

This was a very easy pattern to construct and the fit was quite good. I may raise the leg a bit next time for a higher cut which will be a bit more comfortable. Other than that a quick easy sew. Especially without the placket. Her directions are quite detailed. Really nicely drafted pattern.

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! I took a break from sewing to whip up an amazing meal-if I do say so myself! It was so great having all my family here to celebrate another year together. Plus my parents were just back from Paris for their 50th Anninversary so we had lots to celebrate. Wait until you see the gorgeous fabrics my mom brought me back from Tissus Reine in Paris!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Make the shirt too, it’s fabulous . But I love your skirt. Miyake himself would be very entertained by the creative welt..

  2. Woderful fall/winter wardrobe pieces. Both look great and can be worn with other garments in your wardrobe. I treasure my Issey patterns. They are always interesting to make. I never noticed the skirt on this one. People pay big bucks for this pattern because of the unique shirt..

    1. Thanks so much! I had no idea it was a popular pattern for the shirt- though it’s definitely on my list to make. I need some more Issey Miyake patterns in my stash! I really do love how versatile these two pieces are.

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