Vintage Vogue V8788 Wrap Dress in Linen

Here’s my first dress for Spring!  A lovely wrap dress in a beautiful teal colored linen, Vintage Vogue V8788 from 1954.

Vintage Vogue V8788 Wrap Dress in Linen

We are FINALLY moved into our new home in Plantation and I can get back to sewing!  Not having time to sew for basically the last month has been so much harder than I thought it would be.  Especially with so much sewing planned for Spring that I’ve been itching to get started on.

Back Cover Vogue 8788 Easy Reproduction 1954

We moved out of our condo in Naples (I have WAY too much stuff including 13 boxes just for my library) and into our new apartment two weeks ago.  We moved ourselves (never do that again!!!) with a Uhaul truck and the help of my Dad at our old condo on Friday and one of my husband’s friends on the other coast Saturday.  I’m still tired.  I think I lost all the remaining baby weight in one weekend!  We’re staying at my mom’s during the week until my son finishes out the school year.  There will be lots of weekend commuting but I’m so happy with our new home. I got it almost completely unpacked and set up this weekend.  Only two months left of school so we’ll be over their full time very soon!

Vintage Vogue V8788 Wrap Dress in Linen
Vintage Vogue V8788 Wrap Dress in Linen

So here is the dress I’ve been wanting to show off for a few weeks now.  I wore this on Easter and its super comfy. This was actually meant to be a casual house dress but like many of my makes it turned out dressier looking than intended.

I bought this Vintage Vogue 1954 pattern after reading The Lost Art of Dress hoping for some more casual looks to wear around the house.  The Linen I chose, in a teal with blue reverse, elevates this to something a bit more formal.  Now that I’ve tweaked the pattern I’ll make some lighter versions in cotton to get the look I was originally after.

All the Details:

Vogue V8788 Easy Reproduction 1954


  • Vintage Vogue V8788 from 1954
  • graded from a 12 at bust down to a 14 at the waist


  • Cali Fabrics Teal and Green Two Tone Iridescent Linen
  • 4 yards

I made a few tweaks to this pattern.  I grade the bodice from a 12 to a 14 at the waist and the skirt is a 14.   I had to cut out a wedge from each side of the bodice front as it  angled downward on the sides.  Next time I’ll also narrow the middle back and skip the hook and eye back closure and just cut the neck a tad wider.  As it is it just fits over my had when secured.  I’ll also increase the underarm area for less exposure.  I had to add snaps to keep the sides from gaping open and it’s still cut quite low under the arms.  I finished all of the interior with a Hong Kong Finish on the seams to keep the interior pretty too.  I really love the princess seams with the high neck on this design.  Plus the Bias cut of the skirt makes for a lovely drape and swing.

Update 2023: If I made this dress again I would redraft the bodice as the armholes are too large as is the upper back. I need a narrow back adjustment. I’d also add ties for both the front and back instead of the hooks and eyes suggested. I’d also use a lighter weight fabric and possibly make it reversible.

Vintage Vogue V8788 Wrap Dress in Linen

What I love most about this dress though is the color!  I always try to order teal fabrics when I spot them- it’s my absolute favorite color!  I love the way it brightens the blue of my eyes. Here are some of my favorite makes in this color, 1 & 2.

Vintage Vogue V8788 Wrap Dress in Linen

I’m so happy to be sewing again.  I’m planning on making some bras this week while I’m at my mom’s (small and easy to transport) and hopefully* finish up my other Vintage Vogue Dress in a Coral Linen that is half done this weekend at home.

Happy Sewing!

6 thoughts on “Vintage Vogue V8788 Wrap Dress in Linen”

  1. What a gorgeous dress–you look fantastic!

    I’m in the middle of moving house at the moment and itching to get back to some sewing. Hope my first make in the new house is even half as good as yours :)

    1. Thanks so much Anna-Jo! Moving is so time consuming, isn’t it. Good luck with your move! I know I’m so happy to have time to sew again. :)

    1. Thank you Claire! This color teal just makes me happy! I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these dresses soon.

  2. I also need house dresses for very hot weather. And I have stashes of linen(+blend) to use up. I love that wrap. Esp the way it handles the underarm area. But I’d like to see what you come up for a more casual look. I’m in need of “grocery store” dresses :)

    1. Thanks! I really love this dress design. I’m on the lookout for more fabric and looking forward to making more casual versions of this for summer.

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