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Weeks 8 & 9 have had me really excited to post again for Wardrobe Architect over at the Coletterie! Today’s post will focus on Beauty (hair & makeup) and I’ll post soon about Week 9’s Capsule Wardrobe planning!

Week 6/ My Colors:

Neutrals– sand, white, dove grey, tape & cream

Nearly Neutrals– pale aqua, navy, blush, grey blue

Statement Colors– Orange/Rust, Aquamarine, Cobalt, Teal, Copper, Lavender, Coral, Fuchsia

Metallics–  Silver, Copper, Abalone, Pearl

  Week 8/ Beauty, Hair and Makeup:

  • My favorite hairstyles alternate between a pixie cut (which I’m currently growing out) and an angled chin length or longer bob.  I prefer short bangs and Audrey Tautou always seems to have hairstyles I gravitate toward.  I also quickly get bored with my hair if it stays in one style too long so I tend to go back and forth between the two looks.  I love to have my hair dyed red, but since I’m now using natural products it’s usually more natural looking, instead of Run Lola Run craziness, since I’m using henna (I use Henna Maiden).
  • My requirements for beauty:  fair trade whenever possible, no animal testing, organic (I’m slowly switching over all my cosmetics), no parabens or synthetic fragrances! Also I find beauty is from the inside out so diet and exercise makes a big difference.  My holistic health routine consists of: RAW prenatal vitamin(Vitamin Code), FCLO/BO from Green Pastures, oil pulling with coconut oil (which I also use as a moisturizer), Brushing my teeth with non fluoride toothpaste and using activated charcoal to whiten, and dry brushing.  I love fermented & cultured food and try to stick to a mostly plant-based whole foods diet.  I also try to get in some exercise by walking my son to school in the double stroller with his sis at least 3 days a week which is about 2mi.
  • Colorwise I prefer corals and pinks with some browns and grays.  Fits in perfectly with my clothing color palette of orange, rust and navy with white, taupe’s and light grays.
  • Colors with a blue base tend to look bad on me since my skin is a bit sallow.  I rarely wear red since it’s hard for me to find the right shade, it needs to be more orange to work for my skin tone especially as I get more tan in the summer here in Florida.
  • I spend less than 10 minutes on a weekday morning and maybe 20 minutes on the weekend on my makeup and hair.  My basic routine is face wash and moisturizer followed by a tinted moisturizer, a bit of face powder and light eyeshadow and lip gloss.  I usually let my hair air dry- one of the reasons I love having short hair- and just style with a bit of cream .   I probably spend more time on my health routines: oil pulling, dry brushing etc.
  • Before I switched to non-synthetic fragrances my signature perfume for years was Dune by Christian Dior, if only I could find a natural version!  Today I tend to stick to essential oils and Pacifica has some nice light natural scents in a roll on that I use.  I love their Tuscan Blood Orange.  I prefer a light natural scent and other than my shampoo and conditioner don’t use other scented products.

I’m heading over to Miami later this week with my Mom and the kids for a little spring break vacation since my son is off for the week from school.  Looking forward to a little break after a big wave of sickness hit our house last week.  My son was only sick for two days but I’ve been fighting off a cold/cough plus some pretty bad seasonal allergies for almost a full week :(  Some fun & sun is needed!  Also only 2 more weeks until KCW-Kids Clothes Week- so I’m gearing up to sew for the kids!

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  1. I’m a firm believer that the fewer products the better for my skin and hair. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Interesting to hear what others do!

  2. Love the photos, and your comment that it’s nice to know you still look good after kids. :-) I had red hair for a few years, but found it hard to keep red; it always faded into an almost orange. Great tips on using natural products, too.

    1. Thanks! :) I think because my hair is naturally so dark It just fades back to brown so I’m lucky with the red, just can’t get it as vivid anymore.

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