Wave Wrap Skirt Shape Shape 2

I’m a beach girl at heart so this wave print was bought up immediately after spotting it. It’s a beautifully drawn image of waves in a gorgeous lightweight cotton woven.  I love the blue tones that fade to the peach and cream plus just a touch of vivid lime, purple and red.  It took me quite awhile though to decide what to make this into to make the most of the print.  I though a wrap skirt would show off the full length of the print plus add a bit more coverage as it’s so lightweight.  Perfect beach wear!

I’m doing a talk on Japanese patterns for ASG so I’ve been making a few more samples to share.  I looked through my books and thought the  seamless wrap skirt pattern from Shape Shape 2 would be an fab showcase for this print.  You can check out another recent make from this book, my bolero jacket here.  Now my skirt needed an added seam to the center back to accommodate the print placement I wanted, but ideally you would have no seam.  I wanted the angled edges of the skirt sides to go from the unadorned background cream into the wave print and keep the busier more colorful sections in the back.


All the Details-



The Wave Panel Print 49″x56″ (Out of Stock)   Marcy Tilton

The Wave Panel Woven sold by the 49" x 56" panel



Seamless Wrap Skirt, Shape Shape 2


Of course when I went to take pics of this skirt today I realized I lost quite a bit of weight (almost 15lbs.) and needed to take one side in to make the placement of my side opening patch (where the tie inserts) in the right location.  All that moving over the last month was like boot camp training! It feels so great to be fit again so I’ve started regularly exercising again now that we’re all moved in to our new home.

This is a very simple sew.  Other than a few mitered corners and attaching the buttonhole patch for the ties to go through its quite easy to make.  This skirt is all about showcasing the fabric.  And I just love it!  I’m wearing it here with my blue self drafted tank but it’s going to look so great with the new tank I’m knitting right now in lime green.


I’m wearing this today for Me Made May #mmmay18 so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what I’m wearing everyday this month. I’ll do a recap here at the end.  One thing I’ve realized already is though I do have a lot of handmade clothing much of it is just not my style anymore and I really need a lot more simple basics-mostly tops/tees/tanks.  I love making pants so I now have a great collection but I need more tops to wear with them all.  So I’m redoing my summer sewing plans to focus first on more basic pieces and then add in some fun makes for later in the season.

The weather has been so beautiful here lately, spring like but cool at night.  We’re so enjoying our new home- especially having 2 floors so we can open up all the windows at night to enjoy the breeze.  Hoping now that the move is over I’ll be able to get back to sewing now that my gear is accessible again.  I’m in the process of setting up a mini studio in our master bedroom facing our balcony-just need a few more storage pieces and a new desk and I’ll be all set.  I’m really looking forward to sharing what we’re doing to our fixer upper-I’ve already got plans for a mural up the staircase!  So happy to be have our own place again! Happy Sewing!


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  1. This pattern is ideal for this print fabric. The simple top is just right!
    Enjoy the Spring weather. It always seems to be over too quickly.

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