What I wore on Vacation-NYC Girl’s Trip

I’m just back from a whirlwind Girl’s Trip/ Business Trip. I wanted to share everything I wore on my vacation- but I’m going to break it up into a few posts since there are so many images!

I thought I’d start out with the first leg of our trip- New York City! We headed out from Sarasota, FL up to NYC to enjoy the city. Here’s me outside my home waiting for my ride.

The night before I stayed over at my sister’s house after we saw Oppenheimer in Ft. Lauderdale at MODS in all it’s 70mm glory! I think it’s my #1 movie now. I did a project in my Advanced Physics class in HS on the Manhattan Project and that knowledge finally came in handy! Who knew? My sister reminded me how when I was a kid I asked for a book on “Psychics” but misspelled it and got a book on Physics instead- my mom was so impressed with me!

Here’s what I wore the first night. My travel look on the plane was my self drafted zen black knit pants (from The Fabric Fairy) with set in pockets with my white wrap jacket and my mint Zoey Tank Top. When we arrived at our rental from La Guardia I changed in to the matching zen black knit short sleeve scoop tee to make it look like a jumpsuit with my Coppelia Cardi and my trusty Hoka’s with a black faux leather bag.

Missy and I both lived in NYC when we were younger and Megan and I grew up in NJ so this was such a fun chance to re-explore one of our fav cities together.

Megan’s husband booked us a fantastic rental on the upper East side that was surprisingly spacious. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a lovely kitchen and open concept living space. We couldn’t get over the size for this area. I was thrilled that it had an espresso machine! It was the same model my parents have so I could make us espresso first thing. I have the mini version at home and may have a small caffeine addiction. We were also right around the corner from Starbucks so breakfast was quick and easy.

Times Square Selfie

We arrived in the evening so our first night out was a walk through the city, up to Times Square since “we owed it to ourselves” and dinner at a fabulous organic plant based restaurant- La Botaniste. I had the Tibetan Mama- a delicious coconut peanut butter curry with brown rice, steamed greens and ghentse kimchi. Plus botanical lemonade which was so light and refreshing. Our goal was to eat healthy on this trip- but I think that only lasted our first day.

La Botaniste

Mini Photo Shoot

Here’s my fav look for this part of our trip. This was our second day in NYC. I’m wearing my blush pink Linen Pants (Lady McElroy Cruise washed linen) with a brown leather belt and a rib knit tee in shades of pink, cream and dusty blue. Both fabrics from Stonemountain & Daughter. My sister gave me a little “mini” photo shoot using my phone when I told her I was taking pics of all my outfits.

The pants are self drafted- as is the tee. You can see these on my YouTube channel. I have been talking about the whole process from planning to packing. You can follow along- just check out my NYC Palm Springs Vacation Playlist. I’ll have a new video coming out later today that will be added to the playlist and linked here when it releases.

I got so many compliments on these pants! This was also my look for the Barbie movie. I wore the pants earlier in the day with my white tank top and then again in LA at the end of our trip.

Missy and I headed out first thing to the Fabric/Textile District for our full day in the city. Missy worked in costume design so we had a blast exploring and talking all things sewing. I got some cute pins for my daughter plus a moth embroidery patch- but no fabric. I have plenty and nothing caught my eye. I thought it was interesting to visit this area. I didn’t sew when I lived in New York so I never had gone to that area before- other than passing through.

After our trek we headed back and my sis Meg and I went out for some shopping and street food. She tried on some gorgeous clothing in Oscar de la Renta and then we went on the search for street food- and got yummy gyro’s- which I have been craving!

Street Food!

Barbie at Cinema 1,2,3

No Girl’s trip is complete without going to see Barbie this Summer! We did the full Barbenheimer on our trip- as you do. And can you believe it- Gloria Steinem was in the audience! I really loved the movie- especially as the mom to a pre-teen girl. Though the ending was a bit much- I could have skipped all the talk at the end. But so enjoyable. Our brother looks alot like Ryan Gosling which makes it fun -and weird to watch him sometimes.

After the movie we walked all over Central Park from the East side up to where our parents used to live (on The West Side by Lincoln Center), and then up as far as the Museum of Natural History. We then had some tasty tacos and cocktails (I had a coconut margarita) before heading out. We walked over 40K steps that day.

Here’s our sisters pics outside Central Park. I’m on the right, Missy is on the left in the cute red romper and Megan in the center looking super stylish in tailored separates.

Back soon with the next leg of our trip- Palm Springs and LA. I’ll also be doing a separate post on our little photoshoot in Palm Springs. Follow along on YT to see my video images of what I wore. Until next time- Happy Summer Sewing!

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  1. Great post! I love the memories of your HS years, Central Park, uws, gyros, and my theatre and protest buddy Gloria S. Fabulous Airbnb! Clothes perfection to match your spirit! Love, Mom

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