What I wore on Vacation- Palm Springs & LA

I’m back today with Part 2 of our whirlwind trip! Last week I shared everything I did- and wore in NYC. Now we’re on to Palm Springs & LA!

If you haven’t yet go back and read Part 1- What I wore on vacation- NYC Girl’s Trip!

We started this second leg of our Girl’s Trip/ Business Trip flying out from Newark to Palm Springs on Alaska Airlines. This first day was all day travel with the time change from East to West Coast. We purposely tried to stay on East Coast time since we were only there for a few days.

Palm Springs Airport

The highlight of our trip was staying at the Trixie Motel run by Trixie Mattel! Missy is a huge Drag Race fan and we all watched the show documenting the renovations on Discovery+. We had a fab time- got lots of cute swag and had a low key mini photoshoot.

Trixie Motel- Palm Springs

At the last minute I remembered I had these seafoam mint lounge pants put away for winter- so I packed them for my travel look. I wore them with a white tee and my white wrap jacket and then changed into a bikini and my Trixie white tank- pictured below. So comfy. The pants are in the same knit as my ponte skirt and Zoey Tank. I love using the same fabric for multiple pieces to mix and match.

Checking In- Trixie Motel

We took so many pics checking in to the Trixie Hotel. Pictures of all our rooms, selfies in our pink heart sunglasses and Trixie tank tops, and everything pink!

Megan stayed in the Yeehaw Cowgirl Room and Missy had the Atomic Bombshell room. I’m not including all the images- this post would be insanely long… but you can check out the Trixie Motel website if you want to see more!

Trixie Lobby & Drinks

Our first night was amazing. The drinks were great and we had a nice Charcuterie Board to snack while we were enjoying the atmosphere. They even had a Ms Pac-man machine. The highlight though was that Alaska (super famous drag queen/RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star Winner) showed up unexpectedly with her entourage to film a music video! We got to sit back and enjoy from the sidelines as they filmed.

Here’s some images of my gorgeous room! Our second day I wore the Simplicity Romper 5688 my mother made in the late 70’s. It fits even better now than it did before and was so comfy in the heat. The colors and ditsy floral print was just perfect for pics!

I did wear my new handmade 60’s Fondue dress and my Barbie style Faye swimsuit but the pics from our photoshoot aren’t ready yet- so I’ll share another post with those pieces soon. Here are some preview shots though!

Yes, my sister takes her photos in style! Lime green Heels and a sparkly metallic mermaid ruched gown!

We had a fantastic time exploring downtown Palm Springs. It was hot but with the low humidity felt great to us Florida girls!

I got the most gorgeous cover-up/sheer aqua jacket with gold embroidery (you can see it in my What I wore YT video linked below) at a local Vintage shop- Marianne’s of Palm Springs- and then we had a lovely brunch at Lulu.

In the afternoon- after brunch at Lulu’s, it was on to Los Angeles for my sister’s photography speaking tour. We drove our rental from Palm Springs to LA. Missy used to live in California so she was comfortable driving. I was a last minute addition to this trip which came in handy as we had 3 people in the car and could use the HOV lanes saving so much time in traffic.

Los ANGELES Hotel near LAX

Mariott Culver City

We stayed at the Mariott Courtyard outside LA for my sister’s conference.

We stayed at the Courtyard Mariott in Culver City for my sister’s conference the next day. We ate dinner and then called it a day to be rested for her speaking engagement the next morning.

I wore my Pink Linen Pants again and got so many compliments! Plus people saying they wanted me to make them some. I wore them with my Black scoop neck tee and my white wrap jacket again since it was so chilly! It got down to 65 which is so cold for me. This was our actual working day so I wanted to look put together. Below you can see me off to the side during one of our breaks.

My sister’s talk on AI and the future of Portrait Photography was so amazing. I’m not a photographer- but I was so inspired! My sister is a real pro, succesful business coach, author, and talented photographer. She inspires me every day with her success! I work for one of her companies and just love it!

After the talk we had an amazing meal at the Corteza at Sendero in the Ritz Carlton. My sister loves this restaurant and really wanted us to enjoy the experience. You can see our skull dessert, dia de los muertos below. It has a parchment top that is lit on fire when served.

“Sendero is collection of independent dining experiences that showcase Chef Kevin Luzande’s culinary journey down the Pan American highway. Each of our dining concepts reflects a regional focus – from the seafood rich Baja coastline to the plains of Argentina – through décor and menus that celebrate the locations encountered as you travel the Pan American roadways.”

Corteza at Sendero

The next morning we were up bright and early to return our rental and catch our flights. Missy and Megan went on to the next stop of the tour in Dallas and I went back to Ft. Lauderdale to get my kids ready for back to school. Can you believe they start this Monday? My son is going into High School and my daughter is going into 7th grade. Time flies!

We had a delicious breakfast of southern fried green tomatoes, eggs and grits in the airport and then they were off for their flight. My flight from LAX to Atlanta was delayed and we left about an hour late- but my next flight from Atlanta to FLL was also delayed so it all worked out. Of course my luggage wasn’t so lucky!

It never made it on my flight. Once we left the airport (after waiting an extra 2 hours since they thought it was on the next flight-it wasn’t) I could see it was sitting outside of the Terminal at LAX from my air-tag- which I will never be without after this flight. I let the customer service agent online know and it was finally on a flight the next day.

It took 5 days but at least I got it back. I had accidentally left my nicer glasses in my checked bag which I will be careful not to do again. Delta’s reimbursement looks pretty good- but I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that hassle of replacing everything. I’m so glad if it had to get lost it was not until I was at home!

Alright- that’s it for today! I’ll hopefully be back soon with my Poolside Photoshoot. Head over to my YT channel to see the video looks and everything I packed. The image above and the text here links to the Full Vacation Playlist. Happy Sewing!

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