Winter Mini Capsule- Wardrobe Planning 2023

I thought I’d try something a little different on the Blog- breaking up some of my wardrobe planning posts here on the blog. These are are some of my favorite things to design and share. So I’m going to start sharing some planning posts on individual looks and what patterns and fabrics would look fantastic together. I’m already planning for future travels and am trying to make more mini capsules in my wardrobe to wear both here and abroad. I’ve been sewing for so long now that I don’t really need to sew much clothing so why not create travel clothes that mix and match. For today though I’m focusing on my Winter Mini Capsule that I’m already in the process of creating.

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I hope you all had a wonderful winter break/holiday! I had a lovely two week vacay as I left my in person job and am starting a new remote position with my sister’s company. I’m so excited to work from home again! Juggling the kids and the commute was a real hassle.

After traveling to Greece in the Fall my priorities really shifted. I loved my job but ultimately I want to earn more money and have a flexible schedule so I’m able to travel. As well as being able to enjoy my sewing as a lovely and relaxing hobby again.

Now back to the sewing plans…

Mini Winter Capsule:

It’s January- but as I’m in Florida I never sew fall makes until about now. This morning it’s 56 F (13C) and that’s pretty cool for us. We get the rare chilly week or two in the mid 40’s (4 C) but that’s about it. So I really only ever need a few cold weather looks to get me through the season. Bonus though is that these outfits I make tend to stay in pristine condition since I don’t have them in heavy rotation in my closet.

So currently I’m working on a few makes for Fall/Winter here in Florida. That involves some beautiful navy twill, some deadstock denim and some lovely knits from Stonemountain & Daughter. The Denim and Rib Knit are still available so I’ll add those links to the images below.


I’m making a few tee’s in the Eileen Fisher Copper, a basic tee and a 3/4 length version with a low back that’s reversible. Then I’m making a pair of modified Burda Trousers (119) in the Navy Twill with a matching Style Arc Joy Vest. Plus a Denim Jacket Burda 124 with my tried and true Butterick 4659 which I will probably modify. Plus these will work with my button-down dress shirt and the rest of my wardrobe. I’m also planning a few white blouses in linen or poplin for the spring. I drew up these line drawings in Adobe Illustrator so I can play around with fabrics and use them for future sewing plan posts. Seeing a line drawing really helps me to envision what I’m making in a new fabric. Scroll through to see all the designs.

My Wardrobe Planning 2023 Line Drawings:

Patterns I’m using:

Back soon with the finished makes! Looking forward to sharing these completed looks and then moving on to my Spring travel sewing plans! I’m going on a Shop Hop with my ASG (American Sewing Guild- Ft. Lauderdale Chapter) Group next week and already have some good ideas of fabrics I’ll be scoping out. I’ve volunteered to be the Secretary for our chapter and encourage you to find your own local group to join, it’s such fun chatting with local sewists. If you’re local we’d love to have you join our group. Plus I’ve signed up for a goldwork and surface embroidery class with my EGA Cyberstitchers group that I’m really excited about. Happy Sewing!

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