Winter Moss Wide Leg Pants

Winter moss wide leg pants, Sew Pomona

I made these wide leg pants a few months ago but never got around to fixing them until this week.   I spent an hour or so ripping out seams, which I find really relaxing, a lot like unravelling knitting.  I needed to replace the waistband to match the pants and add some pockets to make them more wearable.  I wish my finishing on the interior was a little nicer.  I don’t know what was I thinking using a dark brown thread for some of the stitching, but that will be a project for the next pair.

Shirt: my favorite from Boden, Pants: Self drafted

The pattern is self drafted based on a pair of pants I bought at Anthropologie maybe 10 years ago  and wore to pieces.  They were my favorite pants although they were very low rise which since having my kids I’m not so fond of- I miss my pre-baby flat belly!  So for these pants I raised the waist a bit and added some darts to the back.  I really love the fit now!  The pants are made with a really nice organic colorgrown cotton in Sturdy Winter Moss I ordered from Near Sea Naturals.  I love the pattern the colorgrown cotton makes and these are really sturdy at 10.6 oz.   What I always loved about my original pants were the 2 sets of tucks on the bottom of the legs which made them a bit more interesting.  When I first made these I couldn’t quite figure out how to make a decent waistband so I had them sewn to an reused waistband. To finish them I cut a waistband based on the old measurements and lined them with a polka dot fabric I had in my stash.

They also didn’t have any pockets so I knew that needed to be fixed if I was going to be comfortable wearing them.  I can’t stand having no pockets!    I made them really large so I can hold my phone, wallet and keys, which is really useful, and doesn’t show from the exterior since the pants are pretty wide.  I made PJ pants for my brother for Christmas that had really simple pocket instructions so these were easy peasy to put in, as my 2-year-old would say!

I took these pictures this morning at the Naples Botanical Gardens, and I have to say trying to pose with a 2 year old is super challenging.  Ami wanted to jump into all the frames.  She was doing a little dance and singing “am I sixty, am I sixty” ( trying to say sexy- lol!)  Life with kids is always entertaining!

6 responses to “Winter Moss Wide Leg Pants”

  1. Diane Carel Avatar
    Diane Carel

    You and Amelie make a good team! My Mom used to find ripping out seams relaxing too. To me it was just a frustration.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks- Ami is a great sidekick! She’ll make a great little assistant when she’s bigger :) Seam ripping and hand sewing is like meditation for me, so relaxing.

  2. Fabric, Thread, Clothes? Avatar

    Great pants!! I like the tucks along the bottom too.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much!

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