Wisteria Linen Vintage Dress Simplicity 4873

I’ve been on a bit of a vintage kick the last few months and this wisteria linen vintage dress, Simplicity 4873, is my latest creation. I bought this lovely wisteria colored purple linen from Blackbird fabrics and it was a bit darker then I had envisioned. If you saw my earlier post you’ll see I reordered the lilac color for my twinset. I looked through my ever growing pattern stash and thought this vintage 1950’s Simplicity pattern would be a perfect match in the longer sleeve length. A bit more elegant and subdued and perfect for winter.

Vintage patterns have such beautiful details and interesting construction. I fell in love with the collar on this pattern. It’s basically an extended band that folds back on itself and is secured with buttons. The darts radiating from the waist are really lovely and the solid fabric really highlights those lines. My favorite feature though is the elbow darts. Those three lines that add a curve to the lower sleeve are visually beautiful and functional. I really love an elbow dart.

All the Details:

  • Zelda’s Buttons on Etsy Four Vintage 1930s Lavender/Purple Plastic Buttons, Vintage Buttons, Buttons, Purple Buttons, Large Purple Buttons, Craft Buttons 1- 1/8″

I was really lucky since this pattern is identical to my size currently. The only changes I’ll have to make next time are to remove some fullness in the upper back. Everything else fit perfectly with no changes to the pattern other than omitting the buttons on the pockets. Everything went together relatively easily and was easy to make. This linen was quite stable to work with and easy to sew. It holds the shape beautifully while still having a bit of drape. Plus it doesn’t wrinkle too badly. I’m really looking forward to making the other view to in a fun pattern or stripe for spring.

I’ve included a few extra detail pictures below so you can see the buttons, pocket details and the side zipper (invisible but the top is just peeking through below). The buttons were a really lucky find. I wanted something that would pop since the fabric is very simple so these large vintage 1930’s buttons were perfect. I love the carved centers. The smaller buttons at the collar are an almost perfect color match.

On the homefront

It’s been a lovely relaxing week. The kids and Vic had off all week ( I had work just Monday and Wednesday) so we did some baking and had some lovely family time and a fantastic Thanksgiving. It was different this year with just our family but we still went all out with the food-our favorite part!

Vic grilled the Turkey which I brined in buttermilk and it was fantastic. I made a fresh -from scratch- pumpkin pie which was my best yet plus the usual accompaniments of mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy. We watched the parade in the morning with my parents (on zoom) and then had a family zoom call at 4 to say what we were thankful for. This year I’m Thankful for my daily yoga practice which has helped me in so many ways. Especially keeping me calm as I’m going through perimenopause. It’s been a real life saver.

We’re currently redoing the kids bathroom upstairs which my husband gutted (it had water damage when we bought the place.). It’s been such fun to design. Vic is doing the entire thing himself and I’m designing. I got a lovely tub and beautiful variegated pale grey marble tile for the surround. We’re continuing the flooring from the hallway we just redid as my yoga space so it’s going to be a beautiful relaxing space. I’m really excited!

I’m feeling really on top of it this holiday season. The house is decorated, we’ll buy our tree next weekend and almost all my Christmas presents are bought and/or sewn. I’m going a bit light on the handmade this year. Mostly for the girls in the fam plus per my son’s fondest wish a HUGE bedsheet for his bed that I’m sewing out of organic cotton sateen. I’m redoing our parson chair covers for the kitchen in an organic cotton twill and utilized all the leftovers to cut out my holiday gifts. I’m planning on dyeing everything in lac, avocado and indigo. Some gifts will probably not go out until the new year because I’m planning on doing the indigo over my Christmas break (almost 3 weeks off!)

Wishing you all a beautiful and relaxing holiday season! Happy Sewing!

2 thoughts on “Wisteria Linen Vintage Dress Simplicity 4873”

  1. It’s nice when your dress color rhymes with the flowering vine behind you! And the dusky suede shoes, perfection. I seek vintage for the same reasons as you, so naturally I think this is a 100% winner fantastic dress on you. When the buttons and details fall into place easily, it’s a thrill.

    The fit is good. That’s rare for a fitted garment. When you mentioned the fullness in the back bodice, I had three thoughts. 1. Movement ease is tricky in these tailored vintage cuts. Maybe the cut was meant this way. It doesn’t look bad to me. 2. Even you could trim the ease next time, some fullness at the bodice can look nice poofing over a fitted-waist skirt. It accentuates the waistline. I see that even more in 1940s fashions. 3. These vintage dresses often came with belts. This one could handle a fairly wide self-fabric belt on you. Vintage buckle, or self-covered buckle. Why not experiment with the fit with any obis/belts you have? It might tweak the silhouette to your liking.

    Your thanksgiving sounds lovely. You sound like resourceful, skillful, can-do people. No matter what’s going on in the world, that self sufficiency & creativity will sustain you.

    1. Thanks Sanni for such a lovely and thoughtful comment! Adding a belt is a great idea! I agree it looks fine and probably was designed that way. Thanks again! Happy holidays!

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