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Work Wardrobe: Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes

I think the best part of going back to work for me is how much my personal style has developed.  Working in fashion has made me really reevaluate what I’m wearing and how to get the most out of my wardrobe.  Next week I’ll share my full plan but I couldn’t wait to show off my first makes for my new Work Wardrobe!  I’ve been wearing these Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes quite a bit, to work and out and about.

Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes

Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes

I made a similar wrap pant a year or to ago in a cheap remnant fabric and always planned to make another in a nicer material after I refined the fit.  The original pants were from Lekala, the summer wrap pant, which served as the inspiration for this pair of culottes.  The main changes were to the length, adjusting the fit based off my sloper, and then extending the front and back wrap for more coverage. Also on this pair only the back has a full wrap belt.  I wanted to cut down on bulk so my front wraps around itself and is secured with large snaps. My waistbands were also lengthened and widened and I raised the waist so these have a high waist.

Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes

My color palette for work is neutrals: grey, white, cream, navy and black as well as light pink and mauve.  I ordered this lovely Apollo Gray Enzyme Washed Tencel from Marcy Tilton and loved the color as well as the selvedge edge.  I changed my design to make use of it keeping the selvedge edges on the back pant on either side so that when wrapped they would show in the front.  It really helps to accent the design.  I also kept the selvedge on the top of the waistband/belt.

Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes

I love how these turned out!  They’re simple with a bit of feminine detail in the belt and easy to wear with my RTW tops from my store.  I’m working part time as a visual merchandiser at the new Club Monaco Outlet at Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise,FL.  Come on in and say Hello if you’re in the area!  I’m wearing my gray culottes here with the Lutecia Top in Foundation Heather (I’m wearing the medium). This top is so soft, a perfect lightweight layering piece. I have it in the light blue and white stripe too.   I’m also wearing this with my new cream leather Vans with a side zip in gold-so cute!  Can I tell you how much I love that I can wear sneakers to work!

I have to mention how starting to buy some new clothing has really taken the pressure off feeling I need to make EVERYTHING!!!  I can focus on sewing special pieces I want to make now.  I hadn’t realized how much pressure I was putting on myself to have a fully handmade wardrobe.  I can make knit tops easily but they’re just not as fun to sew.  I’d rather spend my time sewing more complex designs and focusing on detail.

Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes Work Wardrobe-Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes

The best part of all these new and more fashionable clothes is the boost in my confidence.  I feel so stylish and put together-especially walking to school after work to pick up my kids!  I’m probably the most fashion forward mom at pickup! Happy Sewing!

2 responses to “Work Wardrobe: Apollo Gray Selvedge Wrap Culottes”

  1. Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch) Avatar

    Congratulations on your new job and fun wardrobe! I hear what you are saying about buying some things. I think, because so many sewists are striving to achieve a fully handmade wardrobe, I was moving in that direction without really thinking about it, but I’m starting to realize that there are some things I’m not as interested in making (like basic t-shirts or knit camisoles, etc.). I think, like you, that I would rather focus on what’s most interesting to me at this point.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks Lisa! I’m really enjoying the job! Plus it’s so fun having something specific to sew for. I was getting in a bit of a rut. Sewing challenging projects really is so much more enjoyable then the basics. :)

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